What is Love?

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Everyone has a different perspective when it comes to the question what is love. It is arguable that in order to find love, you must first love yourself within (not in an egotistical way) but with self-acceptance.

How do we do that? Are you thinking positive and loving thoughts about yourself?  What vibes are you sending out?

Accepting oneself allows your potential life partner, twin flame, soul mate (whatever you see it as) to accept who you are, aligning you on the same pathway of respect and acknowledgement. Confidence and how you carry yourself plays a key part!

Although it is ultimately up to you, what you attract through your thoughts and affirmations, visualizations can have a positive influence. 

Letting go of your past limitations can have a vast impact on your life allowing the old to fade away and welcoming the new as an adventure or a new stepping stone.  A positive affirmation for this could be; ‘I release and forgive the old and welcome the new, the past has no hold over me and I am happy and healthy’.

Being in a fun filled environment that brings out your smiles and laughter, influences the vibrations you send out, attracting people on the same wave length.  Remember, not everyone will be suited for you and it is up to you to decide which aspects you will and won’t accept.

Whatever beliefs you have, be it religious, spiritual or a non-believer, we cannot argue with the universe and its law of attraction. What you put out, is what you get back. 

So in essence, what is love? love is….being in the moment, love is….a desire to give back without expecting, love is….pure, love is….patience, love is….selflessness, love is understanding, love is unconditional, a feeling that cannot be bound by words nor conceptualized, it’s a culmination of all awe inspiring, truly heartfelt positive emotions all rolled into one.  

Love is YOU! Love is LIFE!


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